B Virani & Co.

Our Business Partner

To our valued business partners, our mission is to efficiently and ethically maximize the production of polished diamonds every year by providing competitive labor prices, maintaining on-schedule deliveries of polished diamonds and following principles of corporate social responsibility and the Kimberly Process.

B Virani & Co.

Assuring the Highest Quality

Advanced quality control machines that are developed by our in-house R&D team combined with our highly sophisticated ERP system assures the highest quality of each of our diamonds with supreme brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

B Virani & Co.

Effective Manufacturing Cycle for Quick Turnaround Time

Uniquely designed algorithm and reports that constantly monitor the amount of time every single diamond spends at every stage of the manufacturing cycle in order to maximize the overall manufacturing efficiency as well as to meet the set timeline of delivery for our valued suppliers and clients.

B Virani & Co.

Complete Transparency and Highly Ethical Business Standards

Starting from sourcing our rough diamonds from guaranteed conflict-free origins to ensuring that every single employee that adds value to our diamonds at different stages of our vertical integration is treated fairly, we place the highest emphasis on conducting ethical business practices.

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