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Our Diamond

At B. Virani & Co., we see a diamond as more than just a shiny stone of high value. We admire even the flaws and inclusions in a diamond as they represent a moment frozen in time from millions of years ago and carry a fingerprint of intense temperature and pressure beneath the surface of the earth during the formation of the rough diamond. To us, it is this timeless quality of diamond that represents love beyond its monetary worth.

B Virani & Co.

Advanced Technology for Achieving the Best Cut and the Highest Beauty

A highly skilled team of engineers progressively works towards improving excising technology and inventing new machines that can enhance the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of our diamonds

B Virani & Co.

Assuring Highest Quality

Advanced quality control machines that are developed by our in-house R&D team combined with our highly sophisticated ERP system assures the highest quality of each of our diamonds with efficient manufacturing and management system.

B Virani & Co.

Conflict Free Natural Diamonds and Ethical Business Practices

Starting from sourcing our rough diamonds from guaranteed conflict-free origins to ensuring that every single employee that adds value to our diamonds at different stages of our vertical integration is treated fairly, we place the highest emphasis on conducting ethical business practices.

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