B Virani & Co.

Our Infrastructure

Management Strengths

A Well Balanced Management Team

An ideal combination of executive team members who bring their diverse experience as well as essential skills and expertise from strategic leadership, technical, financial, legal, innovation and technology sectors.

Coherent Organizational Vision

Every single employee as well as the management team is bound together with a common vision of promoting sustainable growth of the company as well as those who are associated with the company's internal and external operations.

A Highly Sophisticated ERP System

From the point of rough diamond entry and allocation to manufacturing and polished assortment, a comprehensive ERP system monitors every single diamond as well as keeps track of the complexities of employee performance measurement metrics and financial transactions.

A Unique "3P: People, Product and Price Model"

A unique management model tailored to meet the specific needs of a highly volatile industry derived in-house by Mr. Chirag B. Virani, that focuses on delivering the best "product" at a competitive "price".

Manufacturing Strengths

B Virani & Co.

A State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility

A 50,000 square ft factory equipped with an advanced diamond planning and mapping apparatus for both value-metric and volumetric optimization as well as sophisticated laser sawing, diamond bruting and cutting machines to minimize the weight loss and to obtain the best cut and finish of the polished diamonds.

B Virani & Co.

Capability To Process Wide Range Of Rough Diamonds

A factory highly equipped with
state-of-the-art technology that can efficiently process every single type of rough diamond from any mine in the world and produce a wide range of polished diamonds varying from 0.01 to 1.5 carats.

B Virani & Co.

In-House R&D Team Of Expert Engineers

A highly skilled team of engineers progressively working towards improving existing technology and inventing new machines that can enhance the overall manufacturing efficiency and the brilliance, fire and scintillation of our diamonds.

B Virani & Co.

A Highly Skilled Workforce

Craftsmen that are trained and guided by expert managers and leaders to work towards a shared vision.

B Virani & Co.

High Production Capacity

Capacity to cut and polish over 22,000 carats of rough diamonds every month, resulting in an overall monthly production of over 200,000 diamonds.

B Virani & Co.

Strategic Geographic Location

Manufacturing premises in the "Diamond City" Surat, Gujarat, India that cuts and polishes over 90% of diamonds worldwide (by volume).

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